Monday, August 21, 2017


shot a bunch of pictures of the eclipse using welding goggles as a filter for the camera lens.
these are my favorites...

Sunday, August 13, 2017

sunday morning

got a hint of autumn on the breeze this morning sitting on the patio under the grapes, sipping coffee, while staal grilled some bacon for breakfast.

sharing a few grapes while the bacon cooks

zane quietly "chinning" me and giving me the eye while he waits for some tidbits of bacon

make feathers not eggs

finding fewer eggs and more feathers these days as the lay season winds down and the ducks concentrate their energy on growing new feathers to keep them warm and dry in the cooler days and nights to come.


Monday, July 10, 2017

the nature of reality

what begins as a discourse on the nature of reality
culminates in a brief glimpse of some selfless space
and a fair amount of coffee being spilt into one's boots

Friday, July 7, 2017


i've started working on converting an old camping trailer into an emergency duck hauler.  the trailer was left behind by the previous owner of the property we bought across the street from our place.  it's an old (probably late 1960s) apache mesa pop-up camping trailer.  it was probably a nice little trailer in its day.

found this cute ad online while doing a little research

staal got the tires pumped up and helped me retrieve it from across the street.  i'm happy we didn't have far to go with it.  it's definitely seen better days.

i found an old illustration of the apache mesa floor plan...

... doesn't look like that anymore.

i've gutted the inside which included lots of rotten particle board, filthy carpet, miscellaneous bits of trash, some wire hangers, lots of mud dauber nests, and a mummified cat.  i've also removed the crank out sleeping platforms. 

yesterday, staal gave it all a good hosing with the pressure washer.

now i just have to decide how i want to set it up and then get building.  so many possibilities.