Wednesday, April 12, 2017


like past lives
countless iterations of some self
circle round and round
lives within lives
in the space between some arising and some dissolution
a clarity
the focal point is found
that moment of purest intention
to give all thought of self away
to devote every thought
every action
to that one pure intention

egg sales

just in time for easter! 

Thursday, April 6, 2017


an afternoon yardsaling
winding along little mountain roads
in search of treasure
we end up in town
parked outside the health food store
you go in for groceries
i leash the pup
and take him for a pee and a leg stretch
he's gone along with our whims all day
so i let him lead
we pass the back door of the health food store
the woman who works in the store's cafe
steps out to have a smoke

Thursday, March 30, 2017

paul klee

in the morning
we sit together on the bed
as we do most mornings
sipping coffee
looking out into the garden
at the plants and birds
you open a book of paul klee's paintings
they seem to speak to you
move you
and i think that's why we're so good together
you and i
those paintings
of strange and beautifully haunting gardens and creatures
like who i think i am
or what i dream myself to be when i am most awake
an ethereal landscape
of plants and animals that never were
blossoming and thriving
in the sun and the rain of your love

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

pohu progression

king oyster is a bit quiet right now but pohu (another variety of oyster mushroom) has taken over keeping us in mushrooms...

my index finger and a cluster of pohu oyster mushrooms on  3/14/17





this morning 3/21/17

this cluster weighed 15 ounces...if i'd harvested in the evening instead of the morning it probably would have made a full pound.  we gave them a taste at dinner tonight.  they have a similar sweetness to the king oyster but with a little more earthiness and a more delicate texture.  quite lovely.