Saturday, May 24, 2014

back in the garden

last weekend staal and i went to isleton to pack up the last of his things and prepare the house for it's new owner.  nick and gabe and aischa and her family came to help.  staal signed the last of the real estate papers monday morning and escrow closed on wednesday.   
having never lived there i didn't know isleton well but it was always a pleasant place to visit--the house had the echoes of love in it and everywhere were the signs of staal's labor in remodeling the place to make a comfortable home for his family.  the joys and hardships staal and his family experienced while living there were part of what will shape them all as they continue their journeys and i'm happy to be a part of this new chapter.

so here's to isleton, thank you, and farwell.

with isleton cleared out and sold we'll be able to settle in a bit more and focus on getting things done around the homestead.  for me that means more time grubbing in the garden.  

the weather is warming up and everything is growing like crazy.

snow peas

harvesting snow peas


cocozelle zucchini

runner beans

yukon gold potatoes

sun chokes

red express cabbage

trailing nasturium

curing the onion harvest
so nice to be back in the garden.