Tuesday, July 29, 2014

llama manure and bucket rides

staal and i had a great time at our neighbor's place this morning.  mary darlene lives across the road from us down a ways on a little dirt drive.  she's a really sweet lady---the first person we met when we were in the process of buying this place, she was quite welcoming.  since i'm starting some new veggie beds for the fall and need some manure i thought i'd take mary darlene up on her offer---she keeps llamas and horses and generously offered some of their deposits.

glorious bounty from the heavens

i made friends with one of mary darlene's dogs, teddy (aka dufus).  he's just a big, playful puppy.
maybe next time i'll see if he and zane get along well enough to have some fun.

teddy, taking a break from licking me to pose for a picture

mary darlene insisted on bucket rides...

thank you, mary darlene.   and thank you, llamas.