Monday, August 11, 2014

resonant body

i watch them in the garden,
working tirelessly,
flying from flower to flower,
as i move from plant to plant picking beans and squash,
i think we may not be so different,
the bees and i,
sometimes social,
sometimes solitary,
honey bees and bumble bees and long-horned bees,
carpenters and leaf-cutters and masons,
i wonder,
how it would feel to have the body of a bee?
a resonant body of bristles,
the constant vibration from within,
is it a life more intensely sensual than this?
light, color, scent,
vibrations from without,
all amplified,
their frequencies running in shivers over each hair,
perhaps merging with one's own vibration,
becoming a cyclic, physical om,
seduced by flower after flower,
lusting after nectar,
grains of golden pollen sticking to hirsute appendages,
brushing past the other humming, filamentous bodies seeking nectar deep within a flower,
knowing how to fly,
how to sacrifice,
how to sting