Monday, September 29, 2014

cats in the garden

for the most part i'm not a big fan of cats in the garden.  they can be pretty destructive.  napping on seedlings, using garden beds as a toilet, chewing plant stems.  but sometimes they make good critter control, catching gophers and grasshoppers.  and sometimes they're just good company.

billy occasionally joins me in the garden but jack has made it part of his daily routine.  this morning i was squatted checking out some of the recently transplanted greens and jack jumped up and perched on my shoulders---once there he proceeded to groom/style my hair for me.

satisfied with his work he then gave himself a quick bath.

i think it's a good look for me

relaxed on my shoulder for a minute.

then wound his way down and snuggled himself around my leg.

holding me captive with his horrid little hooks.