Saturday, April 11, 2015

greenhouse ("lawn")

the question was, what to do with a big hole in the concrete floor of a greenhouse?  the answer turned out to be, grow something in it.  for a while i wasn't sure what that something was going to be.  i'm still not sure i'm sure and the plantings will likely evolve as i do and as the rest of the gardens do.  

here's how it's evolved so far starting with where things were this winter...

filled with leaves and soil from around the property

before any of the glazing went up staal broke out the concrete along the length of tree root that was pushing the slab up in an attempt to get the remaining slab to settle (which seems to have worked).  i used some of the concrete that was broken out as pavers.

we found some woolly thyme and some yarrow at the local nursery.  both these plants can take a little foot traffic so i figured i'd give them a try.

woolly thyme is drought tolerant and aromatic

yarrow, a drought tolerant native

i got some lawn grass seed from the hardware store and tossed that in...

i also threw in some clover seed.

i've seen some interesting volunteers coming up in the mix, like chickweed and a mystery cucumber or squash.

mystery cucurbit volunteer

even though it doesn't get much water the grass has grown into a nice soft green mat and it's become a very nice place to hang out in the morning and enjoy a cup of coffee.

i think zane really digs it...