Friday, June 19, 2015

fire and first swim

had a little excitement yesterday.  a fire broke out around noon just a little ways down triangle rd.  fire crews responded very quickly and had it under control in a few hours.   i dug the garlic and watched helicopters fly over my head bringing water to drop on the flames.  

the ducklings had gotten themselves pretty filthy constantly flinging bits of feed all over each other and the inside of the brooder.  i let them have a short swim in the greenhouse this afternoon.  staal played lifeguard while i changed the bedding in the brooder.  

they were a little hesitant at first but after i helped the first one into the water they figured it out and had a great time.  they're not very oily yet so they got soaked to the skin pretty quickly.  i let them swim and get themselves cleaned up for a few minutes then toweled them off a bit and put them under the heat in the freshened brooder.

beats watching fire trucks and helicopters.