Wednesday, July 8, 2015

3 weeks old

the ducklings are about 3 weeks old now and today was their first day out working in the garden.  i've been taking them out of the brooder and into the greenhouse for their baths everyday but today they had their bath in the kitchen garden and got to do a little bug hunting while they were out there.  they were a little nervous at first but they relaxed after a few minutes and had a great time exploring, bug hunting, and bathing.

checking out the big world above

relaxing a bit but keeping close together

after they got acquainted with their new surroundings they decided the water looked pretty good.

i let the ducks hang out in the garden while i mucked out and scrubbed the brooder and then did some watering in the garden.  it was nice listening to them talk to each other and splash around while i worked.