Monday, January 11, 2016

3 years...

we hold together

the tray of nuts and bolts in the garage
a collection years in the making
your capable hands
put them to use
mending, joining, creating
building a new life in an old house
so much that needs to be held together
each piece does its part
each one half of a whole
and either on its own loses its purpose
some a bit rusty or tool-worn
but still they hold together
as we hold together
strong and sure

today marks the 3rd anniversary of the day staal and i got married.  we moved to our little house in the pines 6 months after we were wed and we've put a lot of work into making it a comfortable, beautiful, and functional place for ourselves.  
on saturday afternoon i spent a little time doing some stone carving---a craft i started teaching myself several years ago but haven't done much of recently.  i wanted to make a little something for staal for our anniversary, something that would symbolize us, our life together, and all the hard work, creativity, and nuts and bolts, we've put into it.

soapstone nut and bolt

happy anniversary, staal.  i love you.