Monday, March 28, 2016

sharp-shinned hawk

this morning zane found a sharp-shinned hawk (a small species of hawk about the size of a large pigeon) at the end of our driveway near the gate.  i had let the ducks out for some morning foraging and then zane and i did our morning rounds while i sipped my coffee. zane was sniffing around down by the gate and i saw a bird on the ground about 10 feet from him sort of flap and try to fly away but it couldn't seem to get airborne and it was clear that something was wrong.  i called zane to me and had him wait as i went over to have a closer look.  the hawk was able to stand but looked sort of stunned and disoriented.  it sidled away from me a little as i came near and tried to fly again without success.  i went up to the house and got a cardboard box and a towel so i could catch the hawk and keep it safe until i could find some help for it.  i came back and used the towel to catch the hawk so that i wouldn't cause it any more injury getting it into the box (and so that i wouldn't be injured by its sharp beak and talons).  

i was able to get the hawk into the box without any trouble and i put it in the room above the garage so that it would have a warm, quiet place to rest while i tried to find a raptor rescue in the area.  i got on the internet and made a couple phone calls but didn't have any luck.  staal did some poking around on facebook and got the name and number of a woman in coarsegold who is a raptor specialist.  i called her and she said she was retired but she gave me the number of another woman involved in wild bird rescue who i called and who put me in touch with a woman in oakhurst who agreed to take the bird in.  so after a long day chasing our tails and a drive to oakhurst we were able to get some help for the hawk.  hoping it makes a full recovery.