Monday, June 27, 2016

ducklings (3)

this morning's peeping turned out to be three beautiful ducklings...

i had forgotten how tiny they start out. 

it was a little dark in the shed and it may be hard to see the fuzzy little peepers in the video below... ducklings 1 and 2 are in the foreground and duckling 3 is tucked under mama's wing.

a few days ago i spent an afternoon modifying and rebuilding the safe (it's basically a plywood box) i housed the ducks in when they were ducklings after they'd gotten too big for the brooder and i moved them outside to the kitchen garden.  late this afternoon, after i was sure the hatch was done and everyone had gotten a chance to rest a bit, i moved the safe into the duck shed and then moved mama and babies into the safe to make sure they wouldn't be trampled or injured or get lost and chilled in the night.  

harpo was surprisingly mellow about being moved and the ducklings didn't fuss much about being handled.  it was a little stressful for them but they all seemed to be settling in fairly comfortably when i checked on them this evening as i was getting the rest of the ducks into the shed for the night.
hope everyone makes it safe and well into the morning.