Monday, July 11, 2016

egg handler

a few weeks ago i applied for an egg handler's registration so that i can legally sell our surplus eggs and so that we will not run out of room in our refrigerator for things that are not eggs.  

while i was waiting for the registration to be processed i designed a carton label. it's nothing fancy, just a simple drawing and some clear text (of course the photo would turn out bit blurry).

ink and watercolor sketch inspired by a photo i took of one of our ducks

the label may not be fancy but the eggs are...

i also built and painted a sign for down at the road so people can find us if they want to.

no one has stopped so far but i've seen a few cars slow down a bit.  i think people may find the duck kind of amusing.

duck eggs probably seem a bit exotic to a lot of people in this area and i'm not expecting much interest.  i'm happy if the sign slows people down a little and puts a smile on a few faces even if no one wants any eggs.