Tuesday, November 29, 2016

duck sculpture

months ago i thought it would be fun to do a duck sculpture and i've finally gotten around to starting it.  part of the inspiration came while i was helping staal stucco the barn.  whether i'm building something or preparing a meal, i like to work with whatever is on hand.  we always have scraps of wood and chicken wire and all kinds of other bits and pieces leftover from building projects.  we now have some leftover stucco in that inventory.  so, of course, stucco duck.
i've been working on a wire armature (i think it's very close to the actual size of our ducks) that will support the stucco.  today i put the feet together and it's looking quite ducky.  i've got a little tweaking to do for shape but it's pretty much ready for stucco at this point.

the wire was difficult to photograph but here goes anyway...

it's been a lot of fun so far.  next comes stucco.  or maybe i'll leave it as it is.  it's not a bad wire sculpture.  we shall see.