Saturday, January 21, 2017

snowy morning

we got a light dusting of snow this morning...

view of the kitchen garden from bed this morning

zane loves snow so after a few sips of coffee i got dressed and took him out to enjoy it before it melted.

the little creek on the western edge of our property

looking up the driveway to the fig orchard


looking west, kitchen garden, greenhouse, and mill office

looking into kitchen garden from kitchen/dining room door

 staal, bringing in a little more firewood, looking east to mill office

which way did they go?

the ducks were a little tentative about heading out into the snowy patches at first (a few of them haven't seen snow before) but they forgot about it when i invited them to a rice party...

it was a fun morning but i'll admit to enjoying being in a warm house, watching the snow melt.