Saturday, December 7, 2013

first snow

we got our first snow of the season (and our first snow at triangle rd).  it started some time in the night and has been snowing off and on all day.  it's coming down pretty well right now (1:36 pm) adding to the 6 inches we woke up to this morning.  i got a few pictures...

this was the scene when we woke:
zane checking things out from the window

view from the house looking toward the road

front gate and bell

agaves that mark our driveway

Heteromeles arbutifolia---aka toyon or christmas berry

snow on pine needles

the mill office

my favorite pine tree

horrid man heaving a snowball at me

sorry mama, i just had to do it

tracks from two animals

kitchen garden trellises

kitchen garden fence

snow-covered snow peas

looking up through kitchen garden trellises

snow pea and tendrils

horrid man eating snow off the toyon

us in front of toyon

zane the snow dog

zane the snow dog in action: