Thursday, January 23, 2014

dear liam,

dear liam, my new nephew, we haven't yet met. i'm melina, your aunt, but you don't have to call me aunt. melina will do well enough---i've never been much for titles. your father, my brother, informs me you've been a bit under the weather---jaundice, he says, and a bit underweight, but getting stronger and soon you'll be back with twin sister, kinsley, at home where your mama will take good care of you both.
i'm looking forward to making your acquaintance---and your sister's as well. i'll be the one in the ragged shirt and dirty cap who smells like garden soil and garlic and seems a bit uncomfortable holding you, but don't take it personally---it's only because you're so small and delicate and i'm more used to handling tough, furred and feathered critters with enough teeth and claws to fend for themselves. 
when you're older i'll show you and kinsley the chickens and let you collect the eggs and show you how to pick beans and plant seeds and hold a toad and other things that are fun to do outside---if you want.  but that's for later...
for now be well, dear liam, and i'll be seeing you soon.
love you,