Tuesday, January 28, 2014

some digging

another lovely day here.  spent most of it out in the garden.  zane and i made the rounds this morning---walked our 6 acres a little and then checked all the plants.

 happy pac choi
did some digging in the kitchen garden.  it was summer when we moved in here and i was in a hurry to get some kind of garden in the ground so i didn't take the time to line the beds with aviary wire to keep gophers out like i usually do.  fortunately no gophers yet but it's only matter of time so...

digging makes me hungry so i took a little break for breakfast.

breakfast of champions

then back to the garden.  still some roots in the ground left behind by a large walnut tree that was removed some time before we bought the place.  makes the digging a bit more difficult and time consuming.

but i had a helper so it wasn't so bad.

zane holding down the dirt pile

and i saw some interesting things.

nitrogen fixing nodules on clover roots

i'm ready for bed.