Friday, April 25, 2014

pocket contents of a gardener

i have a simple wardrobe.  a few long-sleeved shirts with most of their buttons or snaps still attached, some t-shirts (the favored one quite ragged about the neck and shoulders---wear from being worn), some socks for when i have to wear my shoes (one pair of boots ) though most of the time i can be found unshod (even in winter), a sweatshirt with a broken zipper and holes here and there, a jacket, a coat, a couple of hats, and three pairs of jeans---one for fancy dress and the other two for grubbing in the garden.  the two grubby pairs are worn in rotation---when one pair gets filthy enough to warrant a washing the pocket contents are sorted and changed into the pockets of the fresh pair.
i think one's pocket contents can tell a lot...

pocket contents 4/25/2014
list of pocket contents 4/25/2014 (pictured above) :

tool for felco hand pruner
universal screwdriver
mini leatherman (with scissors that have been horribly abused as pruners)
remnants of top of seed packet
mystery cap, possibly for irrigation, found in manure pile
calendula seeds
scarlet runner bean
hose washer
obsidian chip found while digging new garden bed
dollar bill and some change---likely to be spent on seed packet in hardware store or feed store