Friday, June 13, 2014

dear deers,

as you may have noticed there have been some changes.  i don't mean to seem inhospitable---i hope you'll just see this as a friendly reminder that there are certain boundaries in our relationship and that i have both our best interests in mind as i'm assuming you would like to remain deers and not venison in the freezer.   
the farmer

staal and i recently finished putting up a deer fence around the big garden area that sits between the house and the road.  i think it turned out to be pretty neat.  it's kind of dynamic and organic and fairly unobtrusive.   except for the 4x4 posts and metal fence stakes it's a pretty light weight structure---the fence wire is 6 ft chicken wire and to get the height we needed (it probably averages between 9 and 10 ft high) we fished a bunch of bamboo poles through it.   it truly is more suggestive and intimidating/confusing than a physical barrier---any critter that really wants to get in could just crash right through if they got their nerve up.

south side of fence with burlap screening attached

high-tech gate latch made from old well-pump wiring

plenty of room for more veggie beds and some fruit trees

nice to finally get the row cover off the squash beds

honey bees from the mill office hive doing their thing

happy squash farmer

thanks for your help on this one master staal---wouldn't have been near as much fun without you.