Tuesday, June 3, 2014

early morning dream/visit (for grover)

i am at the old, brick house on rd 13,
someone has given me irises to plant,
i walk to where the naked ladies are planted and look for a place for the irises,
it seems like spring,
like morning,
the sky is brilliant blue,
i hear you barking,
i forget the irises and go to find you,
as i make my way down the narrow sidewalk that runs alongside the house,
and turn the corner toward the back porch,
i see you,
happily chasing after something,
i think it's a ground squirrel,
you always gave the squirrels hell at the ranch,
i catch a glimpse of your warm, brown eyes, and pink tongue,
your strong, golden body glistens in the sunlight,
i'm so happy to see you,
though i know, somehow, that i am dreaming,
that this is a visit,
and when i wake it will be into a reality that says you've been dead for nearly 3 years,
the dream begins to dissolve,
the images becoming increasingly hazy until they are lost completely in the clouds of consciousness,
i wake,
there is a sadness,
i still miss you,
but i am so happy and grateful for your visits,
and i know that i am also waking into a different dream, a different visit,
here, i feel my love's warm, sleepy body pressed against mine,
and look into the bright, mischievous eyes of new pup, who is happy to see me awake (finally),
as he says his good morning---licking my face and wagging excitedly,
i wonder if they are the visitors,
or is it me,
and which of us is dreaming?