Saturday, February 21, 2015

blueberries and other perennials

i got the blueberries in the ground early this week and have been working on getting them and the rest of the perennials in the orchard garden fed and mulched.

blueberry  blossoms

i made baskets out of aviary wire for each plant to keep the gophers out of the roots.

and they all got a nice thick mulch of compost and pine needles (a neighbor happened to have a huge pile of pine needles she was just going to burn and let me have some).

the new trees (west orchard) got some compost and straw mulch.

the yearling trees got their hugelnests (if this wasn't a thing before it is now---at least in my garden) refreshed as needed---some weeding, feeding (with compost), and topped off with some straw.

peach tree and mizuna mustard happy for some compost

yearling trees---east orchard---fed and mulched

i also took care of the other perennials in the orchard garden while i was at it.

perennial kales and tree collards


luckily i had some help.

comfy spot

hoping for some rain tomorrow.