Friday, February 13, 2015

two trellises

i put up a couple of the new bamboo trellises a couple days ago.  didn't have enough t-posts to put any more up but today we made a run to bootjack and bought some as well as some straw and some aviary wire.  so i can now put up the rest of the trellises and get all of the espaliers pruned and tied, dig and line some new veggie beds and get some blueberry plants in the ground.  looking forward to the work and enjoying the sunshine.

here are a few photos of the two trellises i put up...

using water auger to drill hole for t-post

the ground was good and soft from the great rain we had last weekend so between that and the water auger getting the holes in for the t-posts was nice and easy.

water auger that staal put together---love this thing

once the t-posts were set i attached the trellises using some remnants of electrical wire.

with the trellises up i was able to get the first of the espaliers pruned and tied up.

'sierra beauty' apple

a good start and eager to get back at it.