Monday, March 2, 2015


after that big downpour we had a couple weeks ago and the flooding it caused around the outside of the greenhouse and east side of the house it became clear a little drainage correction was in order---so staal grabbed his level and a shovel (and a rototiller) and got busy.  the man put in a lot of work...

using the tiller to break up the problem areas and make the earth moving easier

north side of the greenhouse

after tilling he sloped the ground away from the house,excavated around the foundation where necessary, and put in a brick and gravel border so there wouldn't be soil contact with the exterior of the building.
looking from the southeast corner of the greenhouse toward the east side of the house

east side of the house

he made a nice landing outside the east door of the greenhouse by recycling a small concrete slab that was formerly the seat for the pressure tank before he moved it into the garage when he was putting in the 2500 gal water storage tank. 

small but heavy---probably a few hundred pounds so he used the handy crane he made for his flat bed to transport it from where it was up at the garage.  sorry to say i didn't get any shots of the actual transport in progress---he's sneaky sometimes.   i did get a couple decent shots of the crane though...

the south door of the greenhouse got a lovely brick landing.  
*we bought the bricks from a contractor having a yard sale who said they came from an old building in town that had recently burned.
beautiful bricks from historic mariposa

  i think he was having fun.

  he did a beautiful job...


 i'm gonna say it again---he's amazing!  sometimes i'm pretty sure he's some kind of super hero...

super staal aka homestud

*a post post note:
as i was putting this post together it started raining pretty hard and i'm happy to report that staal's efforts paid off and things are looking good on the drainage front.