Thursday, March 19, 2015

potato planting

a couple of days ago i cut up my seed potatoes in preparation for planting.  they were nicely calloused today so i stuck them in the ground.

preparing 'german butterball' seed potatoes

i had enough seed to plant two 4'x8' beds with 2 trenches per bed and a partial third bed which already had some greens in it so i sneaked the taters in around them. 

soil analysis for the orchard garden called for rock phosphate, a natural rock dust that supplies calcium and phosphorus to the soil (the whitish dust in the pictures)---i've been amending as i go this spring.

once i got all the spuds situated in the trenches (eyes/sprouts up) i covered them with a few inches of soil and a little straw.

dreaming of mashed potatoes.