Tuesday, May 26, 2015

a cold, wet spring

it's been a cold, wet spring at the staal homestead (staalstead?) and a bit of a struggle in the garden.  we're grateful for all the rain we've been getting and we've been able to harvest and store most of the roof runoff.  the fruit trees and other perennials in the gardens have benefited from the extra rainfall.  the annuals, on the other hand, have had a tough go of it.  pest pressure has been really high.  earwigs and pill bugs flourish in cool, damp conditions and without the heat to push strong, steady growth in the annuals they haven't had much chance of outgrowing the bugs.  so i've been busy with a lot of sowing and planting and resowing and replanting trying to stay a bit ahead of the bugs.  we're still eating very well despite the slow growth and losses and with the heat coming things should get a little easier in the gardens.

squash transplant waiting for some sunshine

lettuces and other greens ready for transplanting

there's been plenty blooming to brighten up the gray days...

we hit around 80 degrees today and the forecast shows clear skies and puts us in the low 90s by the end of the week.  here comes the sun...