Sunday, May 17, 2015

midpines flea market and a bike race

yesterday staal and i went to a flea market a few miles up the road in midpines.  it was pretty small, maybe a dozen vendors selling mostly yard sale type junk.  nothing terribly impressive but we still had some fun.  staal gave the burritos at the taco truck a try and i adopted several plants from a woman selling succulents.

buy 10 at a dollar each and get the 11th for free

i was surprised at the wide variety of plants she had for sale.  nothing was labeled---some i recognized some i didn't.  

i think this little guy is my favorite of the bunch...

the toothy little shark jaws are adorable.

jaws meets little shop of horrors

each may, for the last few years, the golden chain cyclists and velo promo have sponsored a bicycle race for women riders.  it's a three day stage race.  day three puts the riders on a 12 mile looped course (of 4-5 laps), a portion of which is on triangle rd.
the information sheet that gets mailed out to residents along the race course said that it would be appropriate to cheer, clap, or ring a bell to encourage the riders, so this morning i filled my coffee cup and walked down to the front gate to watch and ring the gate bell for the riders.  they truly did seem appreciative for the encouragement.  many of them waved and smiled when they heard the bell. 
if they do the race again next year i want to have a race party.  it will be a byob occasion (bring your own bell). 

stationed below the bell, awaiting cyclists