Thursday, March 27, 2014


we had an interesting experience this evening.  i was getting zane's dinner ready and staal called me over to the woodstove where he was getting ready to build a fire.  there was a little bird huddled in the front corner of the firebox.  she was pretty calm and probably pretty confused. 

female western bluebird avoiding the hot spots in the woodstove

she stayed still and i was able to get her in my hand without any trouble.

zane was hoping for a snack

she's a beautiful little bluebird---and very lucky she didn't get cooked.  she must have found a way in through the chimney---maybe looking for a place to build a nest.  or maybe she's not a bluebird, maybe she's the mythological phoenix reborn in the ashes of our little woodstove.  happy to have met her and i hope she doesn't come back.