Monday, March 24, 2014

thinking of family

just finished sowing cucumber and summer squash seeds and thought i'd take a short break.  the weather is beautiful---sunny, warm, a slight breeze through the wind chime.  i'm lucky.  very.  i don't know how it all happened but i'm grateful.  i live in a beautiful place with an amazing person.  my life is quiet and self-paced.  i have a lot of time to think and reflect and i often think of family (to me family is everyone i care for---related or not).  a big part of why i like to garden is being able to grow good food and feed the people i care about.  i probably think most about the person who's fed me the most in my life and how i'd like to do the same for her now that i can.   i love living where i do---the only thing i don't like about it is not seeing my family very often.  i get to missing them sometimes---and even though i'm grown i especially miss my mama.  

taking a little break in the garden