Monday, March 3, 2014


i was out in the garden and noticed the sage plant was looking a bit rangy so i whacked it back this afternoon.  i've had this plant for a few years and i cut it back pretty hard in early spring each year to rejuvenate it.  sage is an easy herb to grow and has a flavor that goes well with lots of foods.  it's quite aromatic which makes it unpalatable to a lot of critters---haven't ever had any insect problems and the deer don't seem to find it attractive either.


post prune

i brought the prunings into the kitchen and stripped off the leaves.  i left leaves on the tips of some of the straighter stems and kept them for cuttings so i can get some more plants going.

cuttings left, leaves for the kitchen on the right

i ended up with way too many leaves to be able to use them fresh so i spread them out to dry on propagation flats lined with paper towels.

by the time i got done my hands were pretty well seasoned and i smelled quite delicious.