Sunday, November 16, 2014

greenhouse (glass---north wall)

i've been spending quite a bit of time working in the garden and working on garden-related projects.  after i built the storage rack and got the squash situated i moved on to preparing beds for asian greens and onion transplants.  i've got one bed of asian greens planted and three beds of onions planted so far and will plant a fourth and possibly a fifth bed of onions in the next day or so.  this year i decided to start my own onion transplants from seed rather than buying transplants---my seed-grown transplants are undersized so i've had to be pretty careful when i handle them which makes getting them in the ground a slow process.  i'm also trying out some perennial onions this year to see how those work out for us.

teensy onion transplants

'violetta' pac choi

'yellow multiplier' perennial onion

while i've been busy with the garden work staal has continued work on the greenhouse.  he's been putting to practice his ideas for installing the wall glazing---and he's having great results.  
we've had plans to build a greenhouse for quite a while and sometime last year---or was it earlier this year (i forget now exactly when)?---we stopped by the glass company in mariposa and bought a bunch of used glass that had been taken out of discarded sliding doors.  our intent was to use them to glaze the greenhouse and staal has been working out various ideas on how to do that---here's what he settled on...

he's been removing the studs from the existing framing, cutting channels in them to accept the glass, reinstalling them at the proper spacing (along with top and bottom channel framing), laying down a bed of silicone caulk in the channels and then pressing the glass into it's new frame. 

staal got the last panel installed on the north wall yesterday and today he started work on the east wall.  he got one glass panel in on the southern end of the east wall and set up the framing for a door in the center of the wall.

it's looking good, love.  you're amazing.