Tuesday, November 4, 2014

greenhouse (purlins, roof panels, and stucco removal---south wall)

we had a lot of family time last week---gabe came monday evening and spent tuesday with us and nick, aischa, soumaya and malaak came friday night (halloween) and spent the weekend with us.  it was nice to see everyone. 
staal got the purlins up on the north side of the roof on monday before gabe arrived and i planted some garlic and worked in the garden.

gabe brought fresh oysters with him and he and staal cooked them on the grill with some nice garlic butter gabe fixed up.

delicious!  thanks, gabe

staal spent a couple afternoons adding railings to the stairs that go up to the room above the garage so aischa and the girls would be safe during their stay.

i got things cleaned up around the greenhouse---shoveled up all the stucco fragments and picked up as many stray nails as i could find with the magnet.

we spent some time friday afternoon getting things ready for rain---we got a little over an inch between friday evening and saturday morning. 

nice lunch at the sugar pine saturday.

on monday it was back to work.  staal started putting up wiggle board and roof panels on the north side of the roof---i was up and down the ladder fetching tools and panels etc. 

tacking up the wiggle board with the pneumatic nailer

drilling and screwing down the first panel

each screw has a rubber washer that seals the screw hole

a bead of silicone caulk creates a watertight seal where the panels overlap

staal got most of the panels up on the north side yesterday (monday).  today, before he went back to putting up the rest of the panels, he cut a break in the stucco on the south wall so i could get to work tearing it off.

i found an artifact attached to the window frame underneath the stucco---wish there was a date

screwing down the last panel on the north side

rescued a mantis egg case

after getting the panels up on the north side, staal started putting up the purlins on the south side.

i got all the stucco down, cut up, and hauled out of the way.  i decided to leave the paper up to fool the deer and keep the chickens out of the garden.

a girl and her wrecking bar

it's looking really neat with the roof panels up.

can't wait to see it with the rest of the panels on.