Tuesday, November 11, 2014

storage rack

i've been meaning to get the winter squash into a better storage situation for a while now.  they've been on shelves in the greenhouse with a tarp protecting them from demolition dust (and hiding them from raccoons).  the other day i noticed a couple had spoiled---probably from poor ventilation.  didn't want to lose any more so late sunday afternoon i finally started building a proper storage rack for them.  

with the late start on sunday it got dark on me pretty quick so i did most of the work yesterday (monday).  once i had the thing put together i hauled it up closer to the house so i could use the compressor and staple gun to attach chicken wire for the shelves.

i finished getting the wire on just as it was getting dark yesterday.  today staal helped me lug it into the cats' room (it stays cooler and more humid in there than the rest of the house---better for long term storage than anywhere else i could think of).  well, he helped me lug it almost into the cats' room.  it's a tiny room with not much room to maneuver---we got it mostly in but didn't have room to stand it into place.  we lugged it back outside and i did a little surgery.  i moved some braces around, cut the top shelf off, moved it back inside in two pieces, and reattached the top shelf.

after i had everything in place and screwed back together i moved the squashes in from the greenhouse.

i'm hoping they'll be happy with the new storage conditions---they sure look pretty on the rack.