Wednesday, January 7, 2015

chicken delivery

a few days ago we lost a hen (leaving us with only one)---possibly to a coyote.  i often let the birds out of their run in the afternoon so they can forage for bugs and other goodies.  i was in and out that afternoon (mostly out) but didn't hear or see a thing.  when it came time to close up the birds for the night i found one very anxious hen pacing on the roost and after looking around a bit i found some feathers strewn around on the ground near the mill office. 
i didn't want our remaining hen to be lonely so i asked the friedlands if they could spare a hen for a companion.  they generously agreed and yesterday fred drove up with two lovely black australorp hens.  they're hens i raised from day old chicks when i was living at the ranch (the australorp hens and my dark cornish hen actually shared a brooder when they were chicks) so it's kind of neat to be reunited with them. 

i kept the birds in separate runs for a couple hours so they could get reacquainted and i could make sure everyone was going to get along.

getting reacquainted

enjoying a "welcome to the neighborhood" snack

about an hour or so before sunset i let the australorps into the other run with the cornish and the three of them did quite well together.  the australorps were a little hesitant about going into the tractor to roost for the night so staal and i quietly guided them in when it was time for bed.  it'll probably take a little time for everyone to adjust but i think it will work out well for all.

hopefully some time this year i'll be able to get some chicks to raise for layers and maybe some for meat.  we'll see how it goes.  for now i'm very happy to have the hens we've got.  thank you, friedlands!