Sunday, January 4, 2015

potting succulents and bench additions

pretty cold out today but nice and sunny.  when the cold air started getting to me this afternoon but i hadn't gotten enough sunshine i headed for the greenhouse.  i had fun repotting some succulents and as i worked i made a few additions to my bench to make things handier.

i like the interesting forms of succulents.  i also like that they're easy to take care of and easy to propagate. 

succulents in the crassula family lose their leaves pretty easily if bumped---once those leaves hit the soil they start sprouting roots and become new plants (see below).

others, like agaves and aloes, grow offshoots from their bases (pups) complete with their own roots---all you have to do is cut them from the mother plant.

an aloe with a healthy litter of pups

a cluster of pups

pups separated from the cluster pictured above

as i was working and the ergonomics became clearer.  i hung a bucket of potting soil within easy reach...

and put up some hooks for often-used tools.

it was nice and warm in the greenhouse today and working in there was a pleasure.  i'm not the only one who has been enjoying it...

jack already has a favorite spot on a shelf

a nap in the sunshine

i'm hoping to get tools and supplies organized within the next couple weeks so i'll be ready to get to work starting seeds for the spring.  it's exciting stuff.