Wednesday, January 14, 2015

getting the garden ready for 2015

we've been having a mock spring---mostly sunny with temperatures in the low 60s during the day---it makes working in the garden quite pleasant.  i've spent the last few days getting the dead bean vines, sunflower stalks, oak leaves, etc. cleared out of the kitchen garden to let more light in to veggies in the raised beds.

here's a before picture:

i hauled out 4 wheelbarrows full of dead vegetation.  i took it out to the area in the orchard garden where i do the composting and over the next couple of days i'll get it started cooking so it will be ready to feed the new plantings.

it's looking much brighter out there now.

the lettuces and other plants are happy for the extra light.

it's been really nice working outside but there are also less physical tasks to take care of so when i can make myself sit i've been going through my seed collection and planning out this year's planting calendar.  
my resolution for this year is to be better organized and keep better garden records.  we shall see.

a strong cup of coffee and a good assistant help with the planning process

i'm still hoping to be able to get some more chickens at some point this year.  happy for the hens we've got and enjoying some lovely eggs.

i've had to resegregate the australorps from my little cornish hen.  i think it's been good for her to have some company but her new coop mates are a bit overbearing and make better company from the other side of a fence.  

it's been mild out but molting in january still seems like a bad idea

i put up a division inside the chicken tractor and set it up to open into the adjoining run.  so when the birds are confined they can see and hear each other but don't have physical access to each other.  they seem to do alright free ranging together though.

the only access to the inside of the chicken tractor are four small doors (one at each end and one in the center of each side).  the doors are something like 15" wide and slightly more than that high---this is when being small pays off---i had to crawl inside through one of the doors to put up the divider.  it was nice and cozy in there---if i was a chicken i think i'd be pretty happy.

time to get back to my plotting and scheming.  or maybe i'll go and get the compost fired up first---i hear the sunshine calling my name.