Wednesday, August 19, 2015

1965 plymouth valiant station wagon

we've been wanting a station wagon for a while.  don't see many station wagons on the road around here except for subarus.  we did consider a subaru but really wanted something older with some style. staal put out the word to a local facebook swap group that we were searching and yesterday he got a message from a woman looking to sell a '65 valiant wagon.  staal has owned a few valiant wagons in the past---he says he attracts them.  turns out the woman and her husband live just a few miles away from us and are friends with one of our neighbors.  they're from chowchilla and they bought the car from an elderly man who lives in chowchilla.  it's all kind of funny.
the car is in pretty good shape and staal drove it from the seller's house to ours but it will need a little going over before it's officially road worthy.

i think zane approves of the new ride

i love that the back window rolls down with a crank on the outside of the tailgate.

i think it's a good looking car.  i also think it suits us and our lifestyle quite well---it's the perfect first car for us.  i can't wait to take it to the nursery and fill it with goodies.