Saturday, August 8, 2015


staal has put in a lot of hard work and done a beautiful job renovating a little outbuilding on the eastern edge of our property (you can see his work here: ) so that i can have a secure place to store feed and supplies for the chickens and ducks.  staal's quite competent and capable when it comes to building and although he doesn't need the help sometimes he appreciates having some.  stucco is one of those sometimes.  it's a small building (10'x12') but putting up stucco is still a big job so i offered to help and was happy he accepted.  it's hard work but we've been having fun working on it together.  we've got three walls done and it's looking pretty good.

we started yesterday and got the north and west facing walls done. 

staal used the cement mixer to mix the stucco.  not having to hand mix each 60lb sack saved us a lot of time and energy.

watching and learning

north wall

west wall

north and west walls completed. staal did a nice crisp job on the corners.

today we got the south wall covered.

team staal working on the south wall (photo credit nicolas j. staal-robles)

south wall completed

we're short the stucco needed for the back wall so it looks like we're laid-off until the local lumber yard can get some more ordered for us.  we'll make do though, no shortage of work to be done around here.