Monday, August 17, 2015

duck housing

if you've been following the blog you've noticed from the pictures that the ducks have been growing like crazy.  a month ago they outgrew the brooder and i built them a sort of an outdoor nursery in the kitchen garden so they'd have a little more room and a secure place to sleep at night.  
like most of my building projects, i built the nursery out of scraps we had hanging around.  the plywood was what we took off the roof when we were working on the greenhouse and staal had plenty of screws and some hinges in his collection of hardware goodies so the only things i bought were the wire mesh and some latches.

the ducks were still just little fuzzballs when i moved them from the brooder to the nursery.

they've grown a lot since then.  they still have enough room to sleep in the nursery (they spend days in the back of the kitchen garden and in the front yard) but it's pretty cramped and they're overdue for some new digs.  i've started building them an 8'x10' shed to sleep in at night.  the duck shed is situated near the feed barn and will have an attached duck yard surrounding it.
i'm building it with what we've got around, which currently mostly consists of a lot of very twisted and bowed 4"x4"s.   it's really ugly cull wood that we got cheap from the local lumber yard a while back.  i'm also using a lot of material that my brother gave me years ago.  he'll probably recognize the twisty 6"x6"s at the base of the structure.  i'm also going to use the doors and screens i got from him.  maybe i'll call it the caleb c. wade duck enclosure.  sounds fancy.

in the picture below you can see i've employed a ratchet strap to try to persuade the bowed lumber into something near square.  near square is the best i can hope for with this stuff.  you can also see the doors (leaning against the trees to the right) and a screen (lower left corner) that i got from caleb.

this morning, after i got all the critters fed and the gardens watered and before it got too hot, i finished up a few things on the north wall and then got the south wall built.

shown below is how i left things at about noon today.

still much to do but it's coming along alright.