Saturday, September 3, 2016

egg sales

egg sales got off to kind of a slow start at first but after a couple of weeks we had a pretty steady stream of people stopping in to buy from us.  really neat to have such a positive experience with it. i've gotten a couple of emails recently from people wanting eggs and i've been sorry to have to turn them away.  the ducks are busy molting right now so all of their energy is going into feather production and egg laying has pretty much stopped for the time being.  i do find an egg or two in the shed every couple of days but those are all going to household use.  i'm not sure when laying will pick up again but when it does i'm sure we'll have more eggs than we can eat and we'll be back to selling the extras.  
my thanks to everyone who has bought eggs from us.  i hope you'll keep an eye out for our sign and stop by when sales start again.

finding lots of feathers these days but not so many eggs