Sunday, September 11, 2016

happy birthday, staal

i know you don't want a big fuss or lots of gifts, but i still want this to be a special day for you.  i want every day to be a special day for you.  i want you to know that i appreciate everything you do for me and all the work you do to make this a nice home for us to share.  you give to me daily with your work and loving companionship.  i try to give to you everyday too.  my gifts aren't anything extravagant, a handful of freshly picked raspberries or cherry tomatoes, a meal made from the bounty of the gardens, a willingness to work beside you, a listening ear, a devoted heart.  they're humble gifts but i hope you know they're offered in the unwavering love i have for you.  
may this day, and all the days to come, bring you some joy and happiness.  thank you for sharing in this life with me.  

happy birthday, staal.  i love you.  madly. 

for you, love, blurrily but sincerely