Wednesday, September 28, 2016

live in love

i listen to the wind whisper
urging me to give myself to something
to give myself away
feel the sun's warmth speak silently
of letting go my name, my struggles, my separateness
and so i humble myself
beneath its shining grace
and looking upon the earth
hear it ask of me
and so i make an offering
of seeds and water
sweat and stewardship
and from the earth
a green and vibrant garden grows
and the animals are drawn to this new oasis
asking for food and water and shelter
and i offer them this
their share of the bounty
and one day
a man comes into the garden
and some part of him
asks that i give away all that remains of who i think i am
to love
to be loved
and to let love's union
a letting go
and so i go on each day
beneath the sun's shining grace
making offerings
and giving myself away
that i may live in love