Thursday, November 21, 2013

a little rain

got some decent rain the last couple days---mostly at night actually, which was good because we were able to work outside during the day without getting soggy.  there are a lot of thirsty trees up here.  hopefully we'll have a nice wet winter this year.

nine tenths of an inch is a good start
the rain gave the ground a decent soaking and made my work a bit easier.  i'm still digging garden beds (and lining them with aviary wire to keep the gophers and voles out).  so far i've got six, 4'x8' beds dug---two have onions planted in them, two have garlic, and two are unplanted but will have more garlic and probably some greens put in soonly.
below:  the four planted beds are under the row cover (to stop the deer from pruning them and to keep things a bit warmer) at the right of the photo.  to the left is a recently finished bed and the bed i dug today. 

above and below:  zane supervised the work.

foreman grey