Thursday, November 7, 2013


worked on the gate for the other end of the garden today.  was getting pretty close to finishing the second panel when i put a staple in my hand.  oops.  fortunately only one of the teeth went in all the way and it was at a shallow enough angle that it didn't hit bone. i was kind of surprised that it didn't really hurt going in or when i pulled it out (with pliers---it was stuck in pretty good).  my knuckle is starting to ache a little tonight.  (i am aware of how stupid this was and will endeavor in future to be more careful.)

after i got the staple out i finished up the gate and got it put up at the north end of the garden.

view from outside the garden

view from inside the garden

staal got the new dual glazing into the windows that face the garden.  we'll be much cozier this winter.

he does good work.