Tuesday, December 30, 2014

greenhouse (floor---linoleum removal)

it was pretty cold up here today so i spent a little time this afternoon in the greenhouse (quite comfortable in there) scraping up linoleum.  we had thought about bringing in gravel to fill in the crater in the center of the room and make a nice level floor---but i think i'd rather do some ornamental planting in that area so i've started bringing in soil (right now it's got a layer of oak leaves topped with a layer of gopher dirt).

here's what i've been up to...

 the linoleum comes up pretty easily with just a putty knife.  

some of the adhesive that was used to bond the linoleum tiles to the concrete is still a little sticky in some places but i'm hoping a little foot traffic and dirt tracked over it will take care of that.  if not we can always paint the floor---which we might do anyway.

 the hole in the slab has a lot of creative potential and i think it's going to be fun working with it.

i sort of like the mottling and coloration left on the concrete after the linoleum is removed.