Tuesday, December 2, 2014

unfinished poetry

rained today so i occupied myself indoors.  spent much of the day sorting through my poetry---doing some editing etc.  i came across an unfinished poem that wasn't too bad so i did a little work on it...

follow me

after dinner you tell me about the mystics and spiritual guides,
the sufis and sorcerers,
the buddhists and jesus,
about enlightenment and transcendence,
you tell about how the teacher can be anyone,
that the teacher is everyone you've ever known,
and the teacher is yourself,
that they have a presence of being that is undeniably alluring,
that's how i felt when i met you, you know,
that it was not the first time we'd met,
it was a reuniting,
like we've been following eachother across eternity,
sometimes losing sight of the other,
sometimes drawn down diverging paths,
but always catching up,
and sharing the tales of our adventures