Monday, December 29, 2014

tree planting

yesterday i filled the holes i dug for the new trees about 3/4 full with small oak logs i cut from downed limbs i found in the yard, twigs, leaves, and compost---my modified hugelkultur planting method---i did the same with first round of fruit trees and so far they seem quite happy.  this morning i cut aviary wire and made baskets for the new trees.  and this afternoon, with the help of a very handsome man and a very handsome dog, i got all the trees planted (except the crabapple who is now in a pot until i decide on where to plant him).

the trees all had their scaffolding (the main limbs that radiate from the trunk) started pretty high up on the trunk and because i want to keep them very compact, each of them got pruned back to about 18" to 24" before i planted them (i did the same with the trees on the east side of the garden).  so right now it's a stick orchard---but they look like happy little sticks.  and in the spring they'll grow a new scaffold at a more manageable height.

thank you, love, for the help and the company.