Wednesday, December 3, 2014

walden effect

i've been following a great homesteading/permaculture blog, walden effect: homesteading and simple living blog.  it's full of great information gleaned from the trials and experiments of a lovely woman named anna and her handy husband mark (sometimes i feel like they are the eastern equivalent of staal and me).  it's been interesting reading about what they're working on and how things are developing on their homestead.  
i commented on one of their recent posts and was surprised this morning to see my comment addressed in a new post on their blog.  kind of a neat thing and nice to have an exchange with people who are living and experimenting in ways similar to us.
you can check out their blog here: (walden effect) or from the link above.  i highly suggest giving their blog a browse---especially if you need to see some cute goat pictures.