Friday, October 17, 2014

greenhouse (ceiling removal)

things are progressing quite nicely.  we got the ceiling drywall down today---and made a pretty good mess in the process.

a cup of kickass from the wake-up fairy---i needed it

thus fortified i went out and got some gardening done and then we set to work getting the drywall down.

after getting things started from the inside, staal used the sledge hammer to knock the rest in from above.

i love the view

we had a little oops with one of the windows---turns out they don't handle large pieces of drywall falling into them very well.

smashy smashy

unfortunately the nails that were holding the drywall up didn't come out with it when staal knocked it down so we had to pull them.  most of them came out without too much trouble.

after we got the drywall cleaned out, glass picked up, and the nails pulled we took a little break to eat and then went out to get an idea of where and how many purlins (supports that run the length of the roof) we're going to need to support the roof panels.  we're keeping in mind the potential snowload possibility and are opting for three heavy purlins and two lighter ones (on each side of the roof). 

"wiggle board" made to support corrugated panels

the wiggle board will be fixed to the purlins and then the panels are screwed onto the wiggle board.

polycarbonate panels

we took a panel up to the roof so we could get an idea of purlin spacing and what materials we need to get.

staal and i don't usually work together on projects.  mostly i do the garden stuff and he does the building and repair stuff---we get quite a lot done around here this way and we both get to work on things we enjoy most.  i'm having a lot of fun working with staal and i'm happy we could team up on this project---it's kind of a special one for me.  it's also a good way for me to learn more about building---the man does good work.  and it's just fun hanging out with my sweetheart, getting dirty and building something beautiful together. 
thank you for joining me, love.