Saturday, October 11, 2014

spiffy kitchen

back when staal and i were still living at the ranch and looking for a place of our own we would pick up fallen eucalyptus leaves on our walks to the garden up at the barn.  we both thought the colors of the leaves were beautiful and we wanted to somehow incorporate them into our home when we finally found it. 


we kept those colors in mind when we painted the house---we've got some nice blue-greens and a warm yellow on the walls.
although we've been living here for almost a year-and-a-half we've just gotten around to painting the drawer fronts in the kitchen which have been white primer since i cleaned them and gave them a coat when we were getting the place ready for moving in.  we've been having fun with lots of other things and fancifying the kitchen hasn't been high up on the list.  we've also had trouble finding spray paints in the eucalyptus leaf colors we've been wanting.  i think what we (mostly staal) came up with is pretty eucalyptus-y and it definitely brightens up the kitchen. 
a couple weeks ago or so i sprayed the silverware drawer front---i figured it was a good place to start since it gets used the most and was looking pretty grubby.  i also sprayed the refrigerator door handle and bottom vent (white handles don't last long in this house---staal and i both have pretty grubby hands most of the time).  i guess i inspired staal---every day or so after i'd come back in from the garden i'd notice a drawer or two missing which would then return a short time later with a bright new face.  he also built a nice shelf/spice rack for above the stove.  nice having things so handy when we're putting a meal together.

i think it's a pretty spiffy kitchen.