Thursday, October 23, 2014

greenhouse (dump run and lumber yard)

this morning we took a little trip to the mariposa landfill in staal's old flatbed.  it's a lot of fun to ride in---quite comfortable and just has a nice feel about it.  

staal used it many years ago for hauling (some of that when he was doing carpentry and handyman stuff the last time he lived in mariposa) but it sat for many years in isleton and he wasn't sure how it would do back in the mariposa hills with a heavy load.  

staal and the '34 working around mariposa in the 1980s (i love this picture)

it did just fine today.  and it turned out to be quite a hefty load indeed.  they weighed us in when we got to the dump and when we weighed out we were 1 ton lighter.

it was a lot of drywall and shingles and would have been a pretty miserable job for just one person---staal and i got the bed cleared out pretty quickly and it wasn't a huge strain for either of us---we were both happy for the company.

after we weighed out and settled up at the scale house we stopped at the spca (which shares a driveway with the dump and has a perpetual yardsale staal and i frequent).  we found some treasures---used lumber, chainlink fence with piping, gate and hardware, and metal roof sheets---all from someone's dismantled dog run.  staal found a nice sink fixture, some oldie but goodie bypass pruners and an outdoor light fixture.  i got some terra cotta pots and new shirt.  all of that a bargain at $30.

couldn't have been empty for more than 10-15 minutes

next it was on to the lumber yard for a few things.

after the lumber yard we put a little gas in the truck then headed back home.  we unloaded the truck, got some water and a snack and went out to do a little experimenting and figuring.  
staal ripped an angle along one edge of a 2x6 to see how it will work for a fascia board.  looks like it will be quite nice but the stucco is definitely going to have to come off before the fascia goes up.

so...a little smashy smashy...

the stucco is pretty well attached.

but it's still no match for the staal will.

tomorrow:  more fun with stucco.